licensing copyrighted arrangements

U.S. copyright law prohibits KRM from granting permission to copy or perform Robison’s musical arrangements that are held by third parties (i.e. the owners or publishers with print rights). These arrangements can most often be obtained from Tresóna Music, the suggested source for obtaining permission to print copies of a digital file for performance use.

For example, you may order Robison’s arrangement of I SAW THREE SHIPS directly from this website because the original material is in the public domain and KRM controls the copyright for that arrangement; however, you may not order NOT IN OUR TOWN from this website because the original material is owned by the composer who licenses arrangements on an individual basis through a company like Tresona. To obtain your unique permission to perform this piece, you may request that Tresona pursue the licenses for you, pay the appropriate licensing fees required by the owner, and have the piece uploaded to your Tresona account by KRM. Note that this process does not cover arranging fees. KRM will bill you separately for the cost of the arrangement (usually based on the number of copies you make).